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Exquisite sweetness, aroma, and smoothness.

You can enjoy a "new sensation" of sweet potato sweets that are carefully prepared one by one after receiving your order. In addition to counter seats where you can enjoy a live performance, we also have table seats.


Store limited | Fresh squeezed sweet potato Mont Blanc

Eat-in (Japanese black tea and salted kelp included) ¥1,800
Takeout ¥1,000

We use ``Asahi Kanjuro Beniharuka'' and ``Gorojima Kintoki'' which have been slowly cooked to bring out their sweetness.

There's plenty of "Imoyama Special Oimo Cream" inside the Mont Blanc. It has a unique taste that combines carefully pureed sweet potato paste with fresh whipped cream.

The finishing touch, "Potato Mont Blanc Paste," pursues a pleasant texture and beauty. The aperture opening has been made as thin as possible.

Enjoy the sweetness, aroma, and exquisite smoothness of sweet potatoes.


Takeout only|Daigakuimo ¥800

"Asahi Kanjuro Beniharuka", which has been aged for a long period of time to bring out its sweetness to the extreme, is fried twice and coated with plenty of homemade honey.
By adjusting the heat and timing optimally, we achieve the texture of "crispy on the outside" and "chewy on the inside."


Kamakura store takeout only|Montblanc Kenpi ¥1200

Sweet potato kenpi fried in carefully selected rapeseed oil is topped with our signature Mont Blanc. You can enjoy the crispy texture of raw sweet potato kenpi and the smooth texture of Mont Blanc at the same time.


Uses carefully selected brand sweet potatoes

Kanjuro Asahi Haruka Beni (Ibaraki Prefecture)

Ibaraki Prefecture is a major producer of sweet potatoes. Among them, " Asahi Kanjuro Beni Haruka " is a brand potato that has received high praise for both its sweetness and texture.
After harvesting, the selected "Beniharuka" is placed in a hot and humid environment to create a cork layer under the skin, making it last longer. After that, it is aged in a storage room at a temperature of 13 degrees Celsius and a humidity of over 90% for over a month to reach maximum ripeness.

Gorojima Kintoki (Ishikawa Prefecture)

It is one of Kaga's traditional vegetables that has been grown since the Edo period. By purposely limiting the amount of harvest, we ensure that each sweet potato is well-nourished and create a stress-free growing environment. This is a rare variety that has been cultivated using a cultivation method that emphasizes taste.
It is also known as "Japan's No. 1 'carbohydrate-based' sweet potato," and is characterized by its strong, melting sensation.